Shelter Shoot: 500 dogs photographed since October 2013!

I was at Animal Haven this week for another shelter shoot and it was a big day! I realized I photographed 500 shelter dogs since I started volunteering in animal shelters in October 2013!!
I thought I'd celebrate with a post.

Doggie number 500 was actually a perfect candidate, as his story is so powerful! Titan is a German Shepherd who has lived with the same family for 12 years. Unfortunately, facing financial hardships, his family decided to surrender him to the care of Animal Care and Control of NYC. The ACC then placed Titan with one of their rescue partners, Animal Haven, who renamed him Hero, in honor of his heroic past: Hero had saved his previous family from their burning home in the middle of the night by alerting them of the fire!

When I photographed Hero a couple of days ago at the shelter, he was quite in shock. As you can see from his portrait, he was a bit sad. He is a very sweet 12 year old doggie, but you could tell he didn't quite understand the whole shelter thing and how he had ended up there.

Today though, I received the wonderful news that Hero was adopted! I could not have dreamed of a better way to celebrate my personal achievement (500 dogs photographed in shelters) than with this beautiful success story. A huge congrats to the ACC and Animal Haven, great team work! Now Hero, enjoy the rest of your life with your new family!