Meet the 2017 models!


Calhoun County Humane Society, Alabama.
ADEN. 3 years ago (on 09.11.2013 precisely), Aden was abandoned outside the Calhoun County Humane Society shelter. This sweet, polite, well-mannered boy has been waiting ever since. For three years, despite being perfection! Aden was always great with other dogs, until recently. He now is listed as an "only dog" doggie, which is truly heartbreaking, and the direct consequence of his long shelter stay. The shelter is located in Anniston, Alabama. They don't have lots of local adopters unfortunately, so they are looking for rescue partners to increase their dogs' chances or even adopters who live in other states! If you are interested in pulling Aden, the shelter will do what it takes, so do not hesitate to reach out to them! Visit for more info and to download an application, and/or email for questions!


Monmouth County SPCA, New Jersey
Alize has been waiting at the Monmouth County SPCA shelter for over 4 years... She needs to be the only pet and should be placed with children 10+, which has made her placement a little more challenging. But come on!! I know many "only pet" dogs who are totally fine, great family companions and loving doggies. This really shouldn't stop anyone from giving a chance to these sweet dogs. Alize came into the shelter system as a stray. Meaning someone probably just kicked her to the curb. It's really sad because she is extremely sweet and affectionate, and quickly became a staff-favorite at the shelter! She is quite smart and became a resident of the shelter's office for a while, where she did great, which won her the title of Official Office Dog. She also loves learning new things. She stays overnight at a volunteer's, and is doing fantastic in their home. She does have some separation anxiety, so would need an adopter who stays home a lot, and/or is willing to work on this with her. The shelter told me they had a "Kiss a Pit" challenge few months ago and 90% of the staff used Alize as their kissing partner!! So if you are a little low on kisses, you know she is the girl for you. Alize loves to play fetch, sniff things, play with squeaky toys. Belly rubs are her favorite thing! She stretches out and wags her tail in delight.
More info:


Luvable Dog Rescue, Oregon
Meet Indie and Choco! These poor dogs are 11 years old and were left at a high kill Southern California shelter by their owner who was in the military, when he was deployed over seas. The shelter staff fell in love with them, but knew the chances of adopting out two senior Pit Bulls were about zero. So, they contacted Luvable Dog Rescue and of course the rescue said yes!
These two love each other and were said to be brother and sister, so the rescue will do everything they can to find them a home together. That's not an easy task, and we really need someone special to see these faces, fall in love and adopt! Choco and Indie have so much love to give! They have been doing great at Luvable for the past few months. They have been living in their own little cottage where they have shown they are housebroken, use the dog door regularly, are completely non destructive and very quiet/mellow house companions.

Choco and Indie from Luvable Dog Rescue in Oregon have found a home!! Yes, together!!! Their journey begun months ago when their owner was deployed overseas and left them at a kill shelter. For this bonded, senior pair of pit bulls with cropped ears, this was a sure death sentence. Luckily for these nuggets, Luvable pulled them to safety. But their adoption would be challenging. All the odds were against them... Susie's Senior Dogs featured them multiple times, and their portraits got tons of attention (especially their flower one, which is featured in my 2017 calendar!). But still, no applications... Until Niq happened... A long time supporter and follower of Luvable, he had recently lost his senior pittie named Pnut and wasn't sure he'd be ready for a new dog... .
"She was my world! I was devastated. I did not know if I would ever want or be able to have another dog, but there was a hole in my heart and my house was just so quiet.
I saw Choco and Indie's profiles and almost immediately thought that we could help each other. After a lot of thought and a few sleepless nights, I decided to fill out an adoption application. I received a call almost immediately after hitting the 'send' button!". The rest his history!! Now, Choco and Indie are living the life, together. You can now follow their adventures on Instagram (@choco_indie)!

MAX (ADOPTED Dec. 2016)

Mr Bones & Co, New York
This gorgeous XL pittie prince made the headlines a few months back. He had been surviving almost his entire one year of life in the dark, lonely basement of a Harlem apartment building, then abandoned by his owner, the building's super. A Good Samaritan was feeding him and bringing him outside when he could, but residents of the building were getting increasingly nervous to have a pit bull in their basement. My friends at Mr Bones & Co were asked to jump in and they took Max into their program. He turned out to be a huge mush! (He is really big... Like 90-something lbs). Very quickly, Max was adopted by a family who had fallen in love when his story went viral. Sadly, after three months, his family has surrendered him due to personal issues. The rescue worked hard on his basic manners. At 18 months, Max was an XL puppy - his silliness and size were his greatest adversaries. Finally Max went to CT for a trial adoption. It seemed he just couldn't get a break when the boyfriend of the potential adopter falsified a bite report and called animal control to have him removed immediately, not notifying the rescue, or the adopter, until it was too late. But Max triumphed. He made it through a traumatic ten day isolation hold, thanks to some incredible CT ACO who understood Max and the unfortunate situation. Mr Bones sent him to another training facility where, once again he became a favorite and showed his resilience and desire to find human affection and stability. Max learned to settle and listen to the person at the other end of the leash. During this time Mr Bones was working on an adoption application from a man in NJ who was eager to give Max a chance despite his past, his size and all the challenges this dog had faced. When Max graduated last month he finally got to meet Tom.

Over the past few weeks Tom has been working with Max, now named MOOSE, to great success. Moose settled into his new life with two dachshund siblings and a dad who understood the exercise a large breed pup needs and commitment. Earlier this week Tom called to say that Moose was home, that 'he isn't going anywhere.'


Fulton County Animal Services, Georgia
This 2 year old stunner was seen being dumped out of a car. He just stood there not quite knowing what to do. Thankfully for him someone witnessed this and took him out of the road to keep him safe. He was a frightened pup when he arrived at the shelter. He has now acclimated to the shelter environment and does well with other dogs and people. He likes to play hard and can be vocal so he will be great for an active home. Head on to for more info or email

Amazing adoption news! Few weeks back I shared Tyson from He was scheduled to be euthanized that week, after being adopted and returned twice for being too rambunctious (the shelter is full). I know many of you shared him and rooted for this boy. Thank you!!! We did it! He's been adopted and now known as Toby. His adoption story starts with Daisy (bottom right pic), a skittish stray living in a junk yard, and whom this family started feeding, slowly gaining her trust. Months later, after she was hit by a car and showed up on their porch all banged up, she let them take her in. "My parents didn't like the idea of a pit bull, especially one from a junk yard, but they gave her a chance. She had the Sweetest spirit and loved our family so much". Unfortunately Daisy was diagnosed with cancer soon after, and her family lost her in January after giving her weeks of adventures and all the love they had. "A week before we had to make this difficult decision I saw your post about Tyson. He looked so much like Daisy! I went to see him and kept a tab on him while preparing to say goodbye to Daisy. We said goodbye to Daisy Girl two weeks ago and I knew after I met Tyson that if I couldn't save Daisy I could save another misunderstood pup just like her. Tyson met my dog Cleo and my parents dog Pludo with no issues. He already has his own personality coming out at our house! He isn't bouncing around the house or being too much at all. He is smelling everywhere and getting comfortable in his new home. I can't wait to get to know his wonderful personality even more his little quirks that I can already see coming out. Overall, thank you for these pictures. I never would have seen him without your account. He is another wonderful pit bull that our family has discovered are a very misunderstood breed".

ANGEL (ADOPTED! Sept. 2016)

Danbury Animal Welfare Society, Connecticut
It took 2 months for Angel to get her #PitBullFlowerPower session! I chose this portrait of her because it shows her sweet, goofy side! Her shelter friends (DAWS: Danbury Animal Welfare Society) drove her all the way from Bethel, CT. To say they have tried everything to help Angel is an understatement. With so much dedication, you'd think Angel would have found her home by now, but unfortunately it’s been a year and she is still waiting. To some, Angel looks "scary". And although she has received several adoption apps, all had to be retracted due to landlord restrictions against pitties 😩. Angel was found at an abandoned house (presumably her owner moved out and left her there) in April 2015. It’s truly heartbreaking, because Angel is the total package! She is bursting with love to give, she is fun, goofy, and so pretty! She snorts, which is the cutest thing and has a very optimistic and happy-go-lucky attitude. Angel is 4 and she will make you laugh for the rest of your life together! She is very affectionate and is a butt-wiggler (you know, the whole twerking thing!). Angel has become the Ambassador of the Community Outreach program at the shelter. She goes to events, visits after-school groups. Once, she connected with a woman in a wheelchair and sat next to her while the woman petted her. At an after-school event, there was this little girl who was scared of dogs and stayed back the whole time. After about an hour, she was moving closer and closer to Angel. Right before the end of the session, the little girl approached Angel, petted her and turned around with a huge smile on her face saying « I like her! ». The teacher couldn’t believe it! So if a little girl could see with her heart, you’d think adults - landlords, politicians - could too! Angel is best matched with mellow male dogs her size. No cats. She likes hiking, car rides, snuggles, learning tricks and playing with toys. We think Angel could be the perfect therapy dog for someone in need of extra sunshine in their life. More info:


Town of Brookhaven Animal Shelter, Long Island

This beautiful girl has been through too much at her very young age of 1 to 2 years young. Boss Lady arrived with her four puppies, they have all been adopted and here she sits and waits for her forever family. She is super sweet, loves to play and wants nothing more than to have her own best friend. She will be a loyal and loving companion. She is a short stocky all of fun. She has been to many events where she has met people of all ages, she is happy playing with toys and in the pool. She is extremely connected to the people she meets and loves to be the center of attention. She is about 50lbs and would like to be your only pet as she wants all the attention to herself. She is the best of both worlds where she is very active but also extremely happy to curl up on the couch with you and just relax. She would be great in the city, country or suburbs. After 3 years at the shelter, Boss Lady was finally adopted!


Redemption Rescues, New York
*** Will die at noon, urgent! *** These were the first words I read about Beauregard, a few weeks back. He was at the city shelter, scheduled for euthanasia a few hours later. His intake notes at the shelter were really bad, which probably pushed rescues away a bit. Thankfully Redemption Rescues, Inc. (Long Island) decided to go meet Beau themselves and give him a chance. There was something about him, so special. And boy were they right!!! He is perfection and was just really scared at the shelter, poor nugget. I am so grateful to be able to present you his #PitBullFlowerPower portrait!

What we know of Beauregard's story is that this was his second time on the city shelter's euthanasia list. Back in 2011 he was on that list already, rescued and adopted. But a few weeks ago, he was brought in as a stray by the police, with terribly overgrown nails, ribs and spine showing through his skin and horribly rotted teeth. As soon as Redemption Rescues pulled him, they scheduled a much-needed dental surgery (donations are welcome to help cover this expensive procedure: Beau is probably about 6. He is awesome with dogs and gentle with kids. Not sure about cats. His rescuer /foster Tiffany says he is definitely pit bull ambassador material, and she hopes he can be "put to work" as such. He would be an amazing therapy or service dog, and she is now looking into programs to get him certified. When I met with them, she confessed he would be hard to let go of, and I could see how infatuated she was. So you know this boy is extra special! Apply for him at (within 2 hours of NY).


Warwick Humane Society, Warwick New York
This is Prince and look at his sweet, sweet face!! This 8 yr. old English Staffordshire Terrier mix from Warwick Valley Humane Society FB Page was "lost" and returned to his owner back in 2012. His owner gave him up in June 2013. A year and some later, Prince was finally adopted! (That was October 2014). Unfortunately, he was returned again last January when his guardian was relocated to a place that doesn't allow pets. Prince has been given a bad hand in life so far judging by his numbers, through no fault of his own. He really is a good boy. He is a 50 lb. tail wagging, fun-loving, fetch playing, super friendly, medium energy, TV watching, mug faced resilient guy waiting for his next chance to find a lasting home. He loves to give kisses too, and is quite gentle. The shelter feels he would do best as the only pet though. He is located in Warwick, NY. At 8 years old, we really hope his upcoming home will be his forever one! More info:


Animal Haven, New York
Peapod came to the shelter heavily pregnant and soon delivered 8 puppies. They all got adopted swiftly, but Peapod herself has been waiting for over a year. She is extremely loving with humans and can make friends with some other dogs but she would still do best in a home without other pets and preferably no small children. She loves to play and then rest her head on her human's lap.

BILLY (ADOPted! Oct. 2016)

Beastly Rescue, Brooklyn
This sweet, sweet boy has been waiting in limbo for a year. His owner did not have the means to keep him anymore, especially after Billy faced a couple of health issues (including a raging ear infection). So the man agreed to transfer Billy to a rescue (ReeFuge Animal Rescue, Inc.). ReeFuge has nurtured Billy back to health and he is SO ready for the new chapter in his life!! They are looking for an adopter or a long term foster home. Billy totally won me over. He is obedient, charming, and a big mush. There is a lucky family out there for this boy! Let's find it!

Here is how his rescuers describe him: He is a 2 1/2 year old solid and stout, Staffordshire mix. At almost 60 pounds, this boy is so gentle and greets everyone he meets with a friendly wag of the tail. Even the takeout delivery guy! Billy is not only a gentleman with the people he meets, but he's got great house manners too. This handsome devil is fully housebroken!

Billy gets weekly visits from his fosters' three year old niece and is very sweet and gentle with her. He enjoys other dogs but we're not sure about cats as he hasn't had any exposure to them.

Billy gets to go for the occasional run around Prospect Park with one of their volunteers, and proves to be a very controlled and focused running partner. He's not the type of dog who requires hard, daily exercise but he sure does enjoy it.

Billy is up-to-date on his shots, neutered and microchipped. Application, home visit, contract and adoption fee required. To meet him, please fill out an application:


AZK9 rescue, Arizona
Nakita is a very sweet girl who came to AZK9 (Phoenix Arizona) from Pinal Animal Shelter along with two of her puppies. Her demeanor is timid at first and a little hand shy, which leads her rescuers to believe she was likely abused at some point in her life, but that doesn't stop her from trying to win your love! She's a complete love bug! Nakita loves toys, playing in water and wants to be with you whenever possible. She has a mild case of separation anxiety, but is crate trained, and that is helping her to overcome her fears. From what we know so far, Nakita can be a little dog selective, so proper intros are a must when she meets a new dog. The rescue is working with her on her confidence around other dogs, too. Nakita loves going on car rides, and is a very good passenger.

From her adopter: "We knew Day one she was perfect. She is the most sweetest loving dog ever. She is so protective and gentle with my 3 year old. She sleeps with my daughter every night. She is her watch dog. She snores so loudly. She doesn't like her hips touched. She is very ticklish there. She loves being sprayed with water. She tries to bite the water. She goes and sits on the first step of our pool to cool down. Her favorite toy is her rope toys. She is a master at a tug a war but gentle enough to let my 3 year old win. She also is a great passenger in the car. Every time we open the car door she jumps right in. She was everything I hoped for in finding my perfect dog. I believe she feels the same about us in finding the perfect family to be adopted into and loved".