Flower Power, Pit Bulls of the Revolution

For decades, pit bulls have been demonized by society and portrayed as hellhounds. They’ve become the most feared, hated, and abused of all companion animals. Some cities and even entire countries ban them, while the media persist in associating them with viciousness. This unjust reputation has sealed the fate of millions of dogs, who face prejudice around the world, languish in shelters where they are the most euthanized. In America alone, hundreds of thousands of pit bulls are euthanized every year.

Since 2014, I have been taking photographs of adoptable pit bulls, for free, from all around the United States. Many had been waiting for homes for years. The portraits celebrate these dogs’ inherent personality, vulnerability, and individuality and have not only led to hundreds of dogs finding loving, forever homes, but have spurred efforts to destigmatize an animal whose reputation for violence says more about us than the characters of the dogs themselves.

In 2018, I published a large coffee table book containing 285 of the most popular Flower Power. The Pit Bull Flower Power series contains about 500 portraits of shelter pit bulls who were waiting for homes at the time the photos were taken (the complete series can be viewed on this page).

Large format prints are available in limited edition. Small, open-edition prints are also available. Contact me for international orders. See my Store for U.S.-based orders.

To support Sophie’s pro bono work with shelter, products (tote bags, note books, zipper pouches, scarves) featuring the Flower dogs are available here.