Pit Bull Flower Power book


Coffee table book.
252p, 9x12in, 286 color photographs.

Wet Dog Book

Published in 2015. My first book! Available in several countries.

Pit Bull Flower Power Activity Book

Coloring activities and games, teaching children about shelter dogs, prejudice, and how to help. Ships worldwide.

Pit Bull Flower Power
2019 calendar / ADULTS

Ships worldwide.

Pit Bull Flower Power
2019 calendar / PUPPIES

Ships worldwide.

Silver pendant and ring

Domestic only. For international inquiries, contact me.

Collector's prints

Large, limited edition prints (start at 20x20").
Email me to discuss.

Greeting cards and postcards

High quality. Greeting cards include Kraft envelope.
Ship worldwide.

Small prints

Sizes: up to 16x16".
Ship to U.S., Canada, Australia, UK, Europe.

Spiral notebook

I use these every day! Ships worldwide.

Tote bag

Tote-ally awesome! Come in 3 sizes. Ships worldwide.

Zipped pouch

My favorite item! Come in 3 sizes. Ships worldwide.

Phone cases/skins

iPhone, iPad, Samsung, computers.
Ship worldwide.

Pillow case

Comes in 6 sizes, including floor pillows. Ships worldwide.

Wall clock

Customizable (even the hands' color!). Ships worldwide.

Women's clothing

Shirts, dresses, tank tops, scarves. Ships worldwide.


Silky touch and fabulous. Ships worldwide.



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2018 Calendar / PUPPIES


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Flower Power 2015 Calendar


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2018 Calendar / ADULTS

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Flower Power 2017 Calendar


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Flower Power 2016 Calendar