(c) Mindy Tucker

(c) Mindy Tucker

Sophie Gamand is a French award-winning photographer and animal advocate living and working in New York.  Since 2010, she has been focusing on dogs and our relationship with them. Sophie travels around the U.S. (and abroad) photographing shelter dogs for free, to help bring awareness to their fate, and help them get adopted.
Her most known series are Wet Dog and Pit Bull Flower Power.  She has won several prestigious photography awards for her work (including a Sony World Photography Award in 2014), as well as advocacy awards for her dedication to animal rescue and adoption. Sophie's work has been published in the press worldwide, online and in print (Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, Oprah Magazine, ....).  Her first book, Wet Dog, came out in October 2015 and her second, Pit Bull Flower Power, in 2018, thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Why is my work focused on dogs?

I photograph dogs to better understand humans.  Dogs are the first - and most striking - example of artificial selection.  Acting like gods, Men created dogs, manipulated their genetics to fulfill their own needs and desires. We subdued an entire specie.  I believe this should give us tremendous responsibility towards dogs, and the way we treat them speaks volume about our own human society, and our shortcomings.

The word “pet” has been referred to as “the indulged child”, as early as the 15th Century.  A big city like New York, a place not primarily designed for animals, seems to emphasize the idea that the nature of our favorite companions has been engineered to fit the human lifestyle. In those cities, dogs can become social anchors and replace spouses, children, friends, revealing a human community that grows increasingly disconnected.  Dogs become the center of the home, around which everything – and sometimes everyone – revolves.  Has this special treatment influenced the way dogs behave and interact with humans?  In other parts of the world, dogs are still considered wild animals.  But can they still survive on their own?  Has our codependent relationship to dogs changed their true nature?

Each year, American animal lovers spend about $60 billion on food, veterinary care, kennels and other pet services. Yet each year in this same country, 3.9 million of dogs end up in animal shelters.This dichotomy raises questions about us, humans, and our social interactions, as well as our relationship to nature and our environment. Are dogs the victims of our fast culture? Have they become disposable? The case of pit bulls is particularly striking, as they are the population of dogs most euthanized in American shelters (hundreds of thousands of them are euthanized each year).

My work explores these complex dynamics in the relationship between humans and dogs, hoping to shed a light on our humanity.


My images are available in editions of 5.
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Visit my shop to support my work! I sell prints, books, calendars, merchandise (tote bags, pillows...). They help me fund my non-profit work with shelters around the U.S.


px3 2015 - 1st Place Fine Art
Life Framer 2015 - 1st Place
RangeFinder Best Friends 2015 - 1st Place
ND Award 2014 - 1st Place Fine Art
International Photography Awards 2014 - 1st Place Fine Art / Portrait
Sony World Photography Awards 2014 - 1st Place Portraiture

Animal Advocacy Awards:
Hero of the Year 2017, Kris Carr award, January 2018
Mary Tyler Moore Award, Awarded by Broadway Barks, June 2017
New York City's Kindest,
ACC Gala, December 2015, for the #EasyAsACC adoption campaign
"Hero of the Year" for Flower Power, Awarded by Mr Bones & Co during Rescue The Runway, June 2015
Leonard Simon Award, Awarded by Animal Haven, June 2015


2019 (Sept.): Portal Governors Island
2018 (Oct.): Solo show, Invisible Dog, Brooklyn
2017 (Oct.): Solo show, Invisible Dog, Brooklyn

2017 (Oct.-April): Group show, The Vendue, Charleston SC
2017 (May): Solo show, Invisible Dog, Brooklyn
2017 (April): Solo show, Russell Fine Art gallery, Austin Texas
2016 (Sept.): Solo show, Photoville, Brooklyn
2015 (Sept. - Oct.): Solo show, Flower Power (
Gallery Adrien / Kavachnina, Paris)
2015 (July): px3 winners exhibit (Espace Beaurepaire, Paris)
2015 (April): Resquoo (New York)
2015 (Jan./Feb.): Watchdog, group show "Heroes" (gallery 28 Matignon, Paris)

2014 (Oct./Dec.): Flower Power (gallery 28 Matignon, Paris)
2014 (May): Wet Dog, group show, winners of the Sony Award (Sommerset House, London)


Sophie's work has been featured, among others, on The Huffington Post, Medium/Vantage, Time out New York and London, Süddeutsche, the Daily Mail, The Mirror, The Telegraph, Guardian, The Independent, La Repubblica, El Colombiano, CNN, Yahoo, MSN, Medium, This is Colossal, Feature Shoot, View, on the TODAY show The Talk, Buzzfeed, Bored Panda, Laughing Squid, Slate, Andrew Sullivan’s The Dish, Gawker, My Modern Metropolis, Twenty Two Words...