Gift guide - 10 gifts to stand out this year

The holidays are fast-approaching and with them, the excitement and anguish associated with finding the perfect gift for that special someone! Here is a list of items featuring my work, that are sure to bring smiles to your holidays, and make your gifts stand out. This weekend is #ShopSmall, an initiative encouraging people to shop local and support small businesses. There is something very uplifting about buying and gifting unique products developed by your local creative community... And thanks to your continued support, this year I have been able to photograph over 500 dogs in shelters for free! I am beyond grateful and will continue to use my voice and art to promote animal adoption and a fairer treatment of all beings.
Have wonderful holidays!
Much Love,

1. Wet Dog book

From your grumpy aunt, the one who is impossible to please, to that cute kid with a communicative laugh. This collection of soggy doggies is sure to be a hit among all generations! More info on this page.
$22, in book stores and online.
Currently $16.85 on Amazon.

2. Flower Power 2016 Calendar

Flower Power features pit bulls from shelters wearing flower crowns. I don't think it gets better than that, do you? Most of these dogs have been adopted, but some of the models from the calendar are still hoping for a home to call their own. The calendar helps me fund the project and partial proceeds benefit rescue groups. $30 online only. Get 20% off from Nov 25 - Dec 01. International shipping available.

3. A Flower Power scarf

I have created a small selection of scarves featuring some of my most memorable Flower Power portraits. These scarves are gorgeous, and feel very luxurious. I wear them all the time and get compliments everywhere I go! A perfect gift for the trendy girl, or even a lady. Once the scarf is wrapped around you, all you see are the beautiful colors and tones. Unwrap to reveal the glorious portrait! You can also wear it by the pool!
$69.72, several designs available, online only. International shipping available. Don't miss the special black Friday sale, 20% off!

4. A fine-art print

My Wet Dog and Flower Power portraits are available as affordable prints and canvases. Prices range from $30 to $240 depending on size and type of prints. Available online only. U.S. only, contact me for international options.

Photo courtesy of @njh_illustration

Photo courtesy of @njh_illustration

5. A Flower Power tote bag

Those Flower Power tote bags are the talk of the town! Carry your groceries in style or use them as everyday bags. Just be ready to answer questions when everyone will be stopping you "oh my god where did you get that bag?!". I get that all the time!
Available online only. Prices range from $31.28 to $40.64 depending on size. International shipping available. Don't miss the special black Friday sale, 20% off!

6. A Flower Power studio pouch

Another obsession of mine! I use those for art supplies, even as a purse in cool events in New York. I use them to store small electronics away, or as a make-up pouch. The larger size can accommodate an iPad!
Available online only. $36.66 to $40 depending on size. International shipping available. Don't miss the special black Friday sale, 20% off!

7. A 2016 Wet Dog calendar

Spend the year 2016 giggling with those miserable, adorable soggy doggies!
Available in stores or online. Retail price: $14.99. Currently $8.52 on Amazon. International shipping available.

8. A Flower Power pillowcase

Another great way to spread the word about pit bulls and the #PitBullFlowerPower campaign!
Available online only. Price ranges from $35.54 to $67.60 depending on size and if you order an insert or the case alone. International shipping available. Don't miss the special black Friday sale, 20% off!

9. For that international friend

My Wet Dog book and calendars are also available in other countries, in the language of the country: Wet Dog in France, Wet Dog/Nasse Hunde in Germany, Nasse Hunde calendar in Germany.

10. A Flower crown sponsorship for Flower Power

You can sponsor a flower crown for a deserving pit bull in shelters! Paypal $20 to and indicate in the message box the name of the person (+ their Instagram account if they have one, and yours) and any personal message you would like to add. When I share the portrait on Instagram, I will post the sponsor info!
Available through Paypal only, $20 per crown.