Current Fundraisers - February 2016

A look at the fundraisers I organized in February!

1- Helping with Mickey's vet bills

Mickey is a high profile, controversial pit bull-type dog (in reality, he is an American Bulldog) who was involved in a terrible accident in 2014. He bit a child and was going to be euthanized. His lawyer got him off the death sentence, and Mickey is now locked up for the rest of this life. The circumstances leading to the accident are quite sad. In reality Mickey was severely neglected, malnourished and left tied outside all year-round with no shelter. Read the full story on my blog here. He was diagnosed with skin cancer and hip dysplasia and I am raising money to help with his vet bills. You can get yourself a nice print or magnet or button, and I will donated all proceeds to him. Please note that this is for US resident only.

2- Raising money for one of my favorite rescue groups

I have been fostering for Mr Bones & Co, a great rescue group based in New York. Recently, I welcomed Tucker into my home and the little guy stole my heart. Together we had fun photoshoots, the results of which became viral on social media. I put together a calendar, and I am selling prints as well (prints for US residents only), with all proceeds going to his rescue. Tucker has been adopted.

3- Raising money for an amazing shelter in Phoenix, Arizona

I recently visited the MASH Unit in Phoenix, Arizona. It is an old jail reconverted into a shelter for animals seized in cruelty cases. Some of the dogs there have been waiting for 10 years for another chance in life. They all come from horrible cases of abuse and neglect. The new team at the prison is now composed of officers who have dog training skills, so things are improving a lot for the doggies. The dogs are also cared for by inmates serving short sentences for non-violent crimes. Read more about the shelter jail here. I created a calendar to raise money for this amazing place that heals doggies and people with a rough patch in life. I am also selling Flower Power prints of their dogs (for US residents only), with proceeds going to the shelter.