Totes for Tater Tot

Tater Tot is an incredibly adorable potato boy who was rescued by Mr Bones & Co early January. He had severe health issues and his vet bills added up, reaching about $25,000 (read his story at the bottom of this page). The community rallied around this sweet boy, everyone rooting for him as he pulled through multiple life-threatening conditions and surgeries. I am organizing a fundraiser to help with his vet bills. You can purchase items listed below (I will donate 100% of the proceeds), or feel free to make a donation to Mr Bones & Co directly on their website.


Photo Prints

Tater Tot's Flower Power portrait and other cute portraits of him are available as professional photo prints.

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Tote Bags and other products

Tater Tot's Flower Power portrait can be purchased on Tote bags, pillows, phone cases, pouches and more! Visit this page.

A supporter of Mr Bones & Co, Jean Tran, created this cute design with one of my pictures! It's also available on various products. Check this link to order this particular design!


Tater Tot's story

Estimated to be 10-12 month old, this little nugget was left tied to a pole on New Year’s Eve in New York, with a severe prolapsed rectum and internal injuries. Immediately, Tater touched everyone’s heart. After a first surgery, things were looking promising, until Tater developed a high fever and a swelling abdomen. He was rushed to the emergency clinic and underwent a 4.5h surgery, after it was discovered his abdomen was septic (due to a perforation of the colon). Tater’s chances of survival were 50/50. Yet he made it, gaining an even larger following on social media, thousands of people caring and rooting for this adorable pup. There is something about Tater, a particular innocence that just sweeps everyone off their feet. He recovered from surgery, and pulled through. He was well enough, a few days later (incredible how fast doggies recover!) for a photo-shoot, and so we took it easy, and snapped a few pictures, as well as a #PitBullFlowerPower portrait.

His case has been a crazy roller-coaster of emotions for everyone involved in his case, especially his rescuer and foster mom Elli from Mr Bones & Co. A pup with severe colon issues is no fun to nurse back to health... A few days after our shoot, Tater was back at the emergency clinic for another emergency surgery after his colon started closing up. Since then, Tater keeps fighting, along with his incredible vet team and rescuers. As often with a case like his, expenses pile up (about $25K at this time), but what are rescuers supposed to do? When Tater looks at you with his sweet, loving eyes, when he is the one that decides to pull through, surgery after surgery, are we supposed to give up on him, for a matter of money? Tater is not out of the woods. His colon is still fragile and the next few weeks will determine his future. At this time, Tater Tot is not yet up for adoption. But you should follow @MrBonesAndCo to check on his progress, and consider a donation toward his care