Q: I’m an artist and I want to use Sophie’s work as inspiration for a painting/drawing/work of art.

A: It's great that Sophie's work has inspired you, but unfortunately for copyright reasons, no reproduction or copy of Sophie's work is permitted. That includes reproductions for charitable purposes (if you intended to sell the work to raise money for a shelter for example).


Q: I work with a shelter/rescue and want Sophie to shoot here!

A: Sophie has a waiting list of shelters from around the country (and the world). She will consider everyone, but her travels depends on resources and time. If you would like to get on Sophie's radar, please fill out the form. Note that the request should come from a staff or main volunteer of the organization. Sophie cannot consider requests coming from occasional volunteers or social media followers of those organizations. If you are a foster parent looking for some help promoting your foster, please coordinate with the rescue you are fostering for. They will need to be kept in the loop.

Q: Could you donate an item for our upcoming fundraiser?

A: At this time, due to a extremely high volume of requests, I have had to suspend my online registration for this, as it is becoming overwhelming. I will soon resume this program. Thank you for your understanding!


Q: I have a pet company and would like to donate my products to Sophie's next shelter shoot

A: unfortunately at this time Sophie is unable to place products during her shelter shoots. Her priority is to work fast and efficiently with the shelter staff, as she knows everyone is busy, and to make sure the dogs are very comfortable. Having to use products on these shoots would slow the process down considerably. Sophie also does not do commercial shoots for free. If you would like to discuss hiring her for a photo-shoot, or to help promote your products on social media, please contact Sophie.


Q: I want Sophie to take a picture of my dog!

A: Sophie rarely accepts private commissions, but feel free to sign up for her newsletter, and she will let you know if things change in the future. If you are determined to get a commissioned portrait, please contact Sophie and specify if you are looking for a Flower Power portrait (with flower crown), or other, and where you are located. Please note that private commissions start at $5,000.


Q: Does Sophie have recommendations for how I can help shelter dogs?

A: Please reach out to a local shelter or rescue and see if they are looking for volunteers, or what supplies they are in need of. Many of these non-profits need all the help they can get, whether it be financial, in products, or in time you can commit.

If you would like to offer your services as a photographer (great!): You should research local rescues and find the ones that don’t have good photography yet. That probably means they don’t have a photographer helping them already, and you won’t be stepping on anyone toes by offering your services. Larger shelters / more established organizations can be a bit more difficult to approach (with lots of red tape), so if this is your first experience, you might want to start with smaller organizations, they are usually more flexible.

Q: Help! Can you help re-home my dog?

A: Sophie is not a rescue and unfortunately cannot assist in re-homing your dog. We recommend you reach out to your local rescues and shelters. Make sure to provide all the information possible on your dog. If you can foster or help find a foster home until the dog is placed into an adoptive homes, the chances for you to receive help from a rescue will increase. Every rescue is full and overwhelmed with requests. This has to be a collaborative effort.


Q: Can you share my fundraiser or this dog I saw online?

A: Unfortunately, Sophie can only promote dogs she has met/photographed. There are many dogs in need around the world, and that rule keeps her from burning out.


Q: I am a student doing a project on pit bulls / Sophie's work. Could she answer some questions?

A: Sophie is always happy to share information and answer interviews about her work and shelter dogs or pit bulls! Please send your questions via email, or ask to schedule a chat. Make sure to include your deadline and how the information will be used.


Q: I adopted one of Sophie's models and I would love to order a print of the photo she took, is that possible?

A: Yes! Absolutely! Selling prints and products (like tote bags and such) is the main way Sophie makes a living. It's a fantastic way to support her work and allow her to keep donating her time to dogs in need. Please email the name of your dog (his/her shelter name), and the shelter where the photo was taken (if you have a rough date, that's very helpful too). Sophie will add the photos in her printstore online for your to peruse and purchase.